Tuesday, November 5, 2013

irish chain quilt (in process 1)

I am working on my first full-sized quilt, an Irish Chain pattern with blues and teals on a white background. My plan is for a pattern of 15 blocks x 19 blocks, for a total of 142 all white blocks and 143 little nine-patch blocks. Whew! I've finished about 80 of the nine-patch blocks so far, making five blocks from each colored fabric.

Some gracious family and friends have contributed fabric, and other than that I'm using mostly fabric I already have (including some I used on this baby quilt and this color wheel quilt). I did have to order more white (Kona Snow) and in the process also ordered a fabric with little raindrops, two with birds, and one with little snippets from Goodnight Moon. Overall, I'm going for a 'sleepy things' theme (stars, waves, kittens, soothing colors, etc.) I'm not sure yet whether I will quilt this on my machine or have it quilted; it will be at the upper size limit of what I can manage, so we'll see.

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