Wednesday, November 22, 2017

scrappy attic windows quilt for l + p

This quilt has been almost a year in the making. I got the fabric last year at the late, lamented Thimble Pleasure's closing sale. The pattern is the Scrappy Attic Windows quilt by Sunny in Cal. This is a lap quilt for couple friends, so it's sized to cover shoulders to toes of two people sharing a couch. (It's not one of the regular sizes in the pattern.) I rarely quilt with solids but the pale, steely gray background fabric and all of the cool-colored solids really seemed like the right fit for these particular friends. Suzan and Mark from Singing Stitches Quilting Studio did the longarm quilting, which I just adore. They are lovely people and I enjoyed picking thread and a quilting pattern with them. I hope this quilt will keep my friends cozy for a long time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

drawstring sunglasses case for dad

Dad requested a drawstring sunglasses case. His sunglasses' curved shape means they don't fit in regular cases, and Dad wanted a soft case with soft insides. He didn't care what it looked like at all, which was fun from my end. I don't have the manliest selection of fabrics but green and blue both make me think of Dad, so I used leftover green leaf cotton print from this quilt, flannel scraps from this stripy Scout tee, and blue ties from this Noodlehead tote. (I'd had this harebrained scheme to sew a set of ties inside the tote to hold my water bottle upright, but after making the ties I decided to leave them out. They found a home here!)

It was interesting to try to construct something three dimensional for a three dimensional object without a pattern! Dad did shorten the ties from how long they are in these photos. He seems pleased with the case and says the bright color means it is easy to find.