Monday, December 10, 2012

adventures in fabric design

In planning a quilt for my mom's birthday, I designed a few fabrics to get printed at Spoonflower. I first ordered one of their small color swatches, but it took several weeks and lots of emails back and forth before it shipped (I think the company was in the midst of moving to a new warehouse.) In the meantime, I ordered a full size color map. I would recommend using it (if you are a local friend, feel free to borrow mine) because the onscreen colors are not accurate.

Since my mom's name is Robin I did prints with robins and robins' eggs. I also did little rows of mama and baby elephants; that fabric was too cool of a pink for the quilt so I used it for the accompanying birthday card and gave the rest of the fabric to my mom.

Overall I had a pretty good experience with Spoonflower. They do have a wide selection of fabrics to print on (I used the Kona cotton). Truly saturated colors do not seem to be available, but that could change.

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