Wednesday, December 10, 2014

sew together bag (2)

My second Sew Together Bag, this one is a birthday gift for my wonderful Mom. She will probably use it for knitting notions. Since my first Sew Together Bag was almost crunchy (I used pretty stiff interfacing for that one), on this bag I tried a thinner interfacing I've used for recent garnet sewing. I think the best bet next time is a medium weight interfacing.

I followed the Quilt Barn tutorial for this bag, because the pattern instructions were a bit confusing. I especially liked the tutorial for how to put in all of the zippers. Additionally, this blog has a great method for the zipper tabs. My other tips for folks who plan to make a Sew Together Bag:

- The long zipper was a bit short for both of my bags. I extended the length using the tabs, but recommend a 19" or 20" instead of 18" zipper.
- The pattern gives an initial size for the outside panel but then has you trim it down significantly when you sew it to the pockets and lining. Just a heads up if you want to do a pattern where the edges are precise.
- Use a heaver, denim weight needle as soon as you start sewing several layers together.

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  1. This is the most wonderful bag in the world. I filled it with my knitting goodies this morning and discovered how cute it is all round with its round carry-handle. The interfacing is a perfect weight. It's beautiful, just like Linda!