Thursday, April 4, 2013

mini color wheel quilt, in progress

For a graphic designer who quilts, it is amazing it has taken me this long to make a color wheel. I have been saving fabric for this color wheel quilt for years but decided a smaller, hanging quilt for my office was a better place for the color wheel. (Happily this leaves me with plenty of leftover fabric for future quilts.)

I created 16 color gradient wedges, each made up of five strips ranging from light to dark. Each wedge is 22.5 degrees of a circle. I sewed the wedges into four quarters, planning to follow the suggestion of folks at the fabric store to sew the outer and inner curves of each quarter to sections of my white. After several rounds of pinning and seam ripping, I decided that the whole 'sewing a convex curve to a concave curve' thing was not for me. Instead, I pressed the inner and outer edges under and did a zig zag stitch on my machine. I'm sure I violated some rule of quilting purity, but maybe I'll hand quilt the rest and it will balance out. I'll trim the final quilt to a square, and am still thinking about binding.

Fabrics I have been squirreling away for this project.

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