Sunday, October 21, 2012

lemon ginger syrup

On the tail end of a cold, I was missing cooking but wasn't up to something complicated. I modified Andrea Reusing's ginger syrup by replacing half of the ginger with sliced lemon. (The only other ingredients are sugar and water.) I then neglected to hear the one hour timer go off and by the time I checked in again, the syrup had caramelized.

Oh, the horror! Just kidding, it is delicious: spicy and sour and sweet all at the same time. Unlike the regular ginger syrup, it is almost solid out of the fridge (like caramel.) I've been disolving a tablespoon or two into hot water when I need a break from tea.

Incidentally, Andrea lived next door to my grandparents and used to make fried chicken to bring over for my grandfather (her husband is a vegetarian.) Besides being kind of a big deal, she is nice.

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