Tuesday, May 22, 2012

strawberry mini tapestry, in process #2

The next step in our mini tapestry project, after practicing stitches, was to create and transfer a design. The suggestions for the design from our group leader (who is an experienced embroiderer) were to stick to a relatively simple design, and to include a word in the font provided.

In terms of design, I was torn between the idea of doing something with flowers or something with fruit, so a strawberry plant (which has both at the same time) was a perfect fit. I also thought the texture of the flower petals, the roots, and the strawberries with their little seeds would all make for interesting stitching.

First, I looked at photos and drawings of strawberry plants and sketched my own plant and word. Then, I traced the design onto special grease proof paper, which looks like parchment paper but apparently has some magical difference, with a special wax tracing pencil. After that, I pinned the design on top of a square of muslin on my ironing board, and ironed it with a hot iron. Now I have a backwards design that is transferred in dramatic magenta onto my muslin, and am ready to learn how to transfer this design (through stitching) to the wool that will be the front of my mini tapestry.

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