Saturday, February 25, 2012

layered mint brownies

Brownies that taste like Andes mints! I followed this recipe, using half the cream for both ganache layers as suggested in the recipe notes. Probably because of this, it did not take those layers the expected 30 minutes to thicken. Also, I used semisweet chocolate for the top layer, not bittersweet.

Money Saving Tip ( money saving as it can be to buy 30 oz of chocolate): Weaver Street Market and Whole Foods will both cut down pre-wrapped priced by weight items as requested. Only need half a block of mozzarella for your pizza, and not planning to eat the rest? Your cheese counter friend will to cut off the amount you do want so you can buy only that piece. I've been doing this with cheese for a while, but this is the first time I've purchased chocolate by weight.


  1. That looks sinful. I want to be a sinner.

  2. There are still some in my freezer, if you want to try them!